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We feel so much gratitude! You landed here because you want to help us make the world a better place – we appreciate that so much!

At this stage in our journey there are some small things that can make a huge impact. Everything from here can effect the next years of progress so now, help is more valuable than ever.



4 Easy Steps:


Sign Our Petition

The easiest way to make a change is by signing our petition. We need millions of signatures in order to make this change happen!

Share with your friends

All channels are brand new. This way you can get future updates and we will be able to reach each other

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If you want, you cand use the following description: “I think this is something you will love. Because it’s inspiring, heartwarming, engaging – and a little crazy.”


Join our Viral Picture Campaign

In order to bring more awareness and to make our project go viral make a photo with you and an A3 paper, where you will explain why do you think women should be priests, pastors and Church leaders.

When you are posting the picture, also tag 3 friends and challenge them to do the same! 

Challenge is available for both Facebook and Instagram!


Join Our Facebook Group

Any help can make a huge difference! If you want to volunteer or if you have any idea on how we can make this project more popular and reach more people, please join our international Facebook Group!

2 Advanced steps:


Inform newspapers, blogs and podcasts.


If newspapers, podcasts or big blogs write about us, that’s the most valuable thing of all. This will bring more attention to us and it will bring amazing links.

If you have a newspaper you are reading frequently or a favourite blog please send them a message. You can use this below or you can write anything of your own.



I think this is something that your readers will love, because it’s inspiring, heartwarming and world-changing. When I found about this project I felt that more people would want to hear about it.

The project is addressing the denigration of women within faith traditions by not allowing women to be priests or to have any leadership positions. I think the time has come to unite and put an end to this old aberrant prejudice.

Check out the video, I’m sure people will love it!

Kind regards,”


Help us Grow


Please also send an email to: team {at} with the headline ”Let’s make the world a better place” telling us a little about yourself.

– Why would you like to be a part of this?
– How would you like to help us grow?

And we will keep this email in a very safe place and look for you once we have the perfect thing for you to help us with.

Thank you so much for helping us!

With love and gratitude,

HolyFeminine Team

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It’s time for the #HolyFeminine energy to flourish and to start a global movement on all Christian dimensions. We want #WomenPriests , #WomenBishops and #WomenPastors on all Christian traditions - Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant Churches!